departures from heathrow

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Paper – stories from Facebook

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lacquervare from vietnam

Products made from lacquer very diverse designs and are unique to the arts Create product: Products can be created through the wood, bamboo, and carefully handled to avoid cong, venh, nứt solid in all weather conditions 2 Create lacquer: On product is processed, we bundle the classes in many raw fabric, using paint mixed with soil mixed with one line away from sawdust and phết wool fabrics classes 3-4 classes Next we continue to paint the surface to dry and mài mài go back 3-4 times to create the product with the surface, the flat to create depth for hoạ information In this process, we see the same line as allowed by the line fishery The process of lacquer painting repeated about 2-3 times In the manufacturing process we adhere to the traditional technology, the product just beautiful, with high durability
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